Letterhead Design

Branded letterheads are an often overlooked area of marketing. Once it’s designed, however, it’s just as simple to use personalized paper than it is plain paper, but the benefits are far greater. Branded letterheads can be as simple as your logo somewhere on the paper or as complex as utilizing such features as watermarks. Regardless of which aspects you choose, the impression it leaves on your employee, client, or potential customer will be great. You will appear professional, as only a professional would have thought to get specific paper made for his or her business. Someone who cares greatly about their product or service would make sure that every aspect of branded marketing was covered. At Vivid Obsession, we want to turn your business into that business; the one that has thought of everything and leaves a professional, lasting impression.

Each time an employee looks at a memo sent on company letterhead, he will be reminded of how passionate you are about the company, and in turn, will be passionate in his role. Each time a current or prospective client or buyer receives a communication from you on branded letterhead, he will know he’s dealing with a true professional, one who knows the value of branding, and who doesn’t cut corners – in marketing or in customer service.

Vivid Obsession has the most qualified team in the business to design your letterhead. We’re not a bunch of cookie cutter designers, we come from a variety of artistic disciplines and each brings something unique to the table. Some of us specialize in illustration or animation, while others are experts at photography or freehand drawing. We have developers focusing on web site design, and others working with print. We all work as a team so that you’re getting aspects of all these disciplines, which means your product will have a well-rounded, unique look and style to it. It won’t look like you just picked your letterhead from a stock template, it will look like you put time and effort into making sure it looked top notch, just like the rest of your business. It will help show people that you are the real deal, a true professional who has thought of everything.

We want to work in a partnership with you, working together to determine, design, and communicate your business’s identity so that you’re delivering the right message every time. We know the value of branded marketing and how essential it is in persuading your target demographic to choose your business in a very competitive market. We know that the way your business represents itself graphically has the power to elevate it to the top of the market. And we know that each decision you make regarding your business is an important one, right down to the letterhead. Vivid Obsession will offer you a range of solutions for free so that we can find something that fits within your budget and business plan.

Let us work on your behalf to get your business where it deserves to be.